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Client Victories

Creditors Adjustment Bureau Inc. v. DS Superior Court of California County of San Francisco Docket Number CGC-14-538642 (2014)

April 2014

Attorney Lynch was asked by a client in New Hampshire to represent him in a suit in California. Attorney Lynch explained he was not licensed in California and he needed to hire someone in California. The client asked if Attorney Lynch would at least take a look at the suit. Attorney Lynch agreed to read the lawsuit. Attorney Lynch noticed the original contract between DS . and Bonham. Bonham sold the debt to Creditors Adjustment Bureau, In. The original contract had a mediation and arbitration clause. The clause meant that all disputes between the parties needed to be settled "Outside of Court" Attorney Lynch made a Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and it was granted by the Court. Credit Adjustment Bureau inc. then had a right to mediate and/or arbitrate the claim in New York State, but they never asserted a claim against DS again and the Statute of Limitations has no run. DS is free and clear of any claim to a debt owed them by DS. The claim in dupute was approximately $22,000.