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Second Amendment and Restoration of Gun Rights

Firearms and the Second Amendment

We live in a heated political climate today and our right to keep and bear arms is under assault. We at Nathan R Lynch PLLC take your right to keep and bear arms seriously. The Second Amendment does not purport to "grant a right to keep and bear arms" it boldly declares the "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". Thus, the right to keep and bear arms is a natural right that pre-existed this country. This firm believes in your right to defend yourself against potential harm from others  is a basic human right and we will protect you in the legal system if either the State or Federal Government seeks to infringe on your rights.

We can assist you with your gun rights if:

 1. You need to have your gun rights restored.

 2. You have been denied the purchase of a gun because of an NCIS Denial

 3. You have been arrested on a gun charge or you think you may be arrested on a gun charge.

 4.  Your guns have been unlawfully seized or your guns were lawfully seized, but now you have the right to get them back.

 5.  You need to have criminal records expunged in order to restore your gun rights

 6.  Gun range issues or landowner issues or zoning problems

 7.  Issues related to self-defense 

 8.  Domestic Violence issues

9.  This firm can assist your with your gun trust.

10. This firm can assist you in any criminal or civil matter relating to guns