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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you accept monthly payments?

Answer: I would prefer to not accept monthly payments because I have found that many clients have not been willing or able to make monthly payments. I do accept mastercard and visa and I would prefer you to pay by credit card and make payments to the bank.

Question: How much do you charge for legal services?

Answer: I charge  $ 295.00 Dollars per hour for most of the legal work that I provide. For Bankruptcy Cases I charge a flat rate. I am willing to do legal contracts for my business clients on a flat rate as well if we have a clearly written fee agreement. For litigation, business sales and complicated contracts I charge $350.00 per hour. I am also willing to work on a flat fee basis. i like flat fees because then there are no surprises with the size of your legal bill.

Question: Why are you so hard to get a hold of sometimes?

Answer: I don't believe I am hard to get a hold of, but frequently I am out of the office. If I am out of the office your message will go to my cell and I will return your call as soon as I can. Sometimes when my clients call I have another client in my office and I try not to answer the phone when I have an appointment. In addition I try and monitor my messages seven days a week. Further, I am frequently not able to take phone calls when I am concentrating on legal matter. The best way to speak to me is to make an appointment or text me to 603-762-1574 and let me know you need to talk.

Question: I called you, but you did not return my call. Why did you not call me back.

Answer: If I did not call you back the most likely explanation is that you did not leave your phone number. several times per week i get a call from a person expecting a call back, but the caller does not leave a phone number. generally do not take time out of my work day to look up phone numbers. The second most likely reason is that your phone has been busy. If I dial a phone and the number is busy after four or five calls I sometimes give up.

Question: What area of law do you specialize in?

Answer: The Bar Associations generally do not like lawyers to use the word specialize. The word specialize implies some sort of advanced experience or designation. However, I will say that I enjoy business law the most. I do a lot of legal contracts for dentists and veterinarians and I enjoy helping doctors buy and sell their professional practices.

As my business law practice has grown I am doing fewer Bankruptcy and criminal cases, but I am willing to work on a limited amount of cases. I feel very strongly that in the United States of America everyone deserves a fresh start and that is why I will never totally give up my Bankruptcy Practice. In terms of my criminal law practice, I am no longer interested in most felony cases. My criminal law practice is mostly devoted to the defense of DUI allegations.

Question: Why do you defend drunk drivers?

Answer: First of all, I do not defend drunk drivers! I defend ordinary Americans that are accused of being under the influence of alcohol. DUI is perhaps the one crime most likely to end a rising career such as a teacher or a doctor. In most cases, the level of intoxication is so close to the legal limit that many people are wrongly being convicted of DUI. Further, I believe in the U.S. Constitution and I believe that all people are innocent until proven guilty.