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Client Victories

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. JCL (2009) Northampton, Massachusetts District Court Docket Number 0845-CR-1848

November 2009

JCL was found sleeping in his car behind a commercial business in Northampton, Massachusetts. The police checked on JCL and he did not respond. The police responded loudly and woke him up. The police asked JCL to get out of the vehicle and at first he refused. Eventually JCL was removed from the vehicle and asked to do field sobriety test. JCL did not do well on his tests and he was arrested for OUI. JCL refused to take a breath test. Two police officers testified at trial how poorly JCL did on his field sobriety tests. Attorney Lynch watched the field sobriety tests and he notices that two separate officers were giving JCL directions at the same time. JCL looked confused and he kept looking at one officer and then he would look at the other officer. It was clear to Attorney Lynch that the field sobrity tests were not being administered propery. Attorney Lynch made a Motion to Suppress the Field Sobriety test. The Motion was denied. However, the Jury found JCL not guilty.

Nathan Lynch

Attorney Nathan R. Lynch is licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western New England College and Juris Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Law. The firm, Nathan R. Lynch PLLC, is a multi-jurisdiction...