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State of New Hampshire v. CB Keene District Court Docket Number 449-2018-CR-01644 (2018)

April 2019

CB was charged with DUI and Conduct After the Scene (leaving the scene of an accident). Jason Underwood called the Winchester Police Department and he reported that he thought he heard a motorcycle crash. The Winchester Police Department arrived at the scene of the accident at 11:29 PM. They found a motorcycle owned by CB had hit a guardrail and was all smashed up. CB was later located laying down in a ditch on the property of jason Underwood. CB was not asked one single question about alcohol while he was near to the scene of the accident. There were no field sobriety tests and the Police made no entries in their reports that CB was under the influence of alcohol. Sargent Wright arrested CB at the scene, but his police report does not mention why. Once CB was out of officer Wrights cruiser officer Wright notices for the first time the smell of alcohol coming from Blanchard. No field Sobriety tests were administered and CB refused to take a Breath test.

Nathan Lynch

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