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Attorney Nathan R. Lynch is licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western New England College and Juris Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Law.

Attorney Lynch has been awarded the credential of a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. (NACVA) Attorney Lynch is available to value professional practices nationwide for estate tax purposes, business sales, or partnerships.

The firm, Nathan R. Lynch PLLC, is a multi-jurisdictional practice uniquely positioned with the ability to serve the needs of a highly mobile society.

Attorney Nathan R. Lynch's Law practice is devoted almost exclusivly to Dental Practice Sales and Veterinary Practice Sales in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. However, Attorney Lynch is valuing practices nationally.

Frequently, we are asked by both buyers and sellers if we would assist them in a dual representation capacity. This law firm will not engage in Dual Representation because there are to many potential conflicts of interest involved between a buyer and a seller and our loyalty and obligations must attach to only one party in the Dental Practice Transition or the Veterinary Practice Transition.

In addition to not participating in Dual Representation in our capacity as a law firm for dentists and veterinarians this firm is adamently opposed to the business model being promoted by several Dental Practice Practice Brokers whereby they promote Dual Representation in their capacity as Dental Practice Brokers and they charge a fee to both the buyer and the seller and they claim they represent both sides of the transaction fairly.

If you happen to stumble upon one of the major proponents of the Dual Representation Dental Practice Broker Model you will find articles on their web site that undermine the important role of the the dentist's accountant and his/her lawyer. The articles state that accountants and lawyers do not understand the dental business. This firm's founder Nathan R. Lynch, Esquire understands the dental business and there are many fine lawyers and Certified Public Accountants that are extremely qualified to work with dentists.If you need the name of an experienced CPA to assist you with your dental practice or veterinary practice feel free to give us a call.

This firm has the utmost respect for Certified Public Accountants. The CPA exam is considered to be one of the hardest examinations in the United States to pass and a good CPA is a tremendous asset to any businessperson. When this law firm gives legal advice on the sale of a dental practice or veterinary practice we always advise our client to run our legal advice by their CPA.

It is the position of this Law Firm that the reason the Dual Represntation Dental Practice Brokers do not want their clients consulting with lawyers and accountants is they are afraid that if the lawyer or accountant finds something wrong with a proposed dental practice transition they might lose out on a commission.

If you hire this law firm to work on your dental practice sale or veterinary practice sale our loyalty will be with you.This firm works in a non-adversarial manner, our transitions run very smoothly, and they are completed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

In addition, this firm is experienced and qualified to give important legal advice on clauses in leases and purchase and sales agreements that could impact your life for many years. If this firm were to give bad legal advice that rose to the level of malpractice this firm carries malpractice insurance to further protect its clients. If your non-attorney Dual Representation Dental Practice Broker gives you bad legal advice he or she is probably breaking the law and if you read their boilerplate legal documents they universally attempt to limit their liability by claiming they have not given legal advice. If you decide to use a Dual Representation Dental Practice Brokers ask him or her to remove their legal disclaimer waivers.

If you hire a CPA and the CPA gives you bad tax advice that rises to the level of malpractice that CPA will no doubt be covered by malpractice insurance.

While no Lawyer or CPA will ever enjoy having a malpractice claim made against him or her the consumer is the ultimate winner if and when a claim ever has to be made. Thus, licensed professionals like lawyers and CPA's not only give important business advice they put their money where their mouth is.

If you are buying or selling a dental practice or a veterinary practice this firm is will insure your transaction is completed on time and is done right.

The best decision you can make when choosing an attorney for your family or business is:

To choose an attorney whom you believe will be your best advocate in any legal matter.
Nathan R. Lynch has demonstrated the skill, knowledge and tenacity required to achieve the best possible results.

If you are unfamiliar with our firm and believe you have a case in need of legal attention just call attorney Nathan R. Lynch and set up an initial consultation.

Nathan R. Lynch PLLC is New England's Trusted Legal Advisor because:

We strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

  • Our goal is to return all calls within 24 hours.
  • Our goal is to keep our clients informed as to the status of their cases.
  • We always put the client's needs first.
  • We are committed to providing a superior legal service.
  • We give candid, competent, legal advice.
  • If we don't feel your case is appropriate for our firm, we will try and locate you a better suited attorney or firm.