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Client Victories

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Gene S. Park (1973)

April 2018

In 1973 Gene S. Park was a young man and he plead guilty to a felony. He was under the impression he was paying a fine and he did not realize he was pleading guilty to a Felony. Mr. Park had been purchasing and owning guns at all times until he was declined by an NCIS background check in 2016 and it was revealed to him he was a convicted Felon. Mr. Park was very confused by the matter and he hired Nathan R. Lynch to assist him. Attorney Lynch was unable to get his record expunged because Massachusetts law only allows  expungement in a limited variety of circumstances.Attorney Lynch was able to make a Motion for a New Trial based upon the Plea Agreement not being constitutional because Mr. park was not explained the agreement sufficiently. In order for the Plea to be valid Mr. park must have knowing waived his rights to a trial.

Nathan Lynch

Attorney Nathan R. Lynch is licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western New England College and Juris Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Law. The firm, Nathan R. Lynch PLLC, is a multi-jurisdiction...